Iowa Farmer, Jerry Dove, On Measuring What’s In The Soil

Grower and agronomist Jerry Dove’s interest in science and technology first developed while earning his bachelor’s degree in Agronomy at Iowa State University. “I was always thinking about what’s going on below the surface,” says Jerry. After completing his degree in 1982, he returned to his family’s centennial farm in Janesville, Iowa. They primarily grow corn and soybeans and also grow alfalfa and cereal rye.

A Day In The Life: Trace’s Lab

Researchers, scientists, inventory managers, progress trackers, communicators…life in Trace’s lab involves wearing many hats. Our founders, Diane and Poornima, met in a Stanford University laboratory and today Trace’s lab plays a vital role in internal operations. It’s a role we take very seriously because it is the first touch point of our customers’ soil once […]

Quantifying SDS In Soybeans To Prevent Impact On Yield

“It’s exciting to be on the ground floor working with Trace,” says Michael Dunn, a Precision Agronomist at Anez Consulting, LLC. Michael started his career in horticulture in Northern California before moving to Minnesota to work with broad acre crops, where he has worked out of Anez Consulting’s head branch in Little Falls for the […]

Soil At Work Recap: Our Row Crop Tour Of The Midwest And Arkansas

During the month of August, we traveled to five states and hosted seven sessions for our 2019 Soil At Work tour. We kicked off the two-hour workshop with a welcome by our hosts. Watch the video below to see Zach Johnson, the Millennial Farmer, talk about what he’s most excited for in the workshop.

Danny Royer On How To Implement New Technologies Successfully

One of the biggest challenges Danny faces when consulting with specialty farming operations across California, Arizona and the Pacific Northwest is implementing an operational framework. This is key to running a successful farming operation because it establishes a structure that defines responsibility and accountability. This is especially critical for producers as they wear many hats. […]

How Measuring Soil Biology Fits Into A Modern Integrated Pest Management Approach

Farmers have been using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles across their farms for generations. Historically, the goal of IPM has been to balance ecological and economic principles to best manage pests and disease while ensuring productivity and profitability. However, there are more layers to pest management in modern agriculture, including new technology, changing consumer preferences […]

Vessey & Company Puts Technology To Work To Produce Healthy Lettuce

Vessey and Company operates as a grower, packer, shipper that grows both organically and conventionally. The majority of the 12,000 acres under management are devoted to spinach, spring mix, romaine, broccoli, cauliflower, iceberg and leaf lettuce. In order to mitigate some of the risks associated with farming, Vessey & Company has about ten joint venture […]

Indiana Farmer, Kris Tom, On Managing Their Most Valuable Asset: The Soil

Tom Farms has a rich legacy of farming. Everett Tom, Kris’ grandfather, started the operation in 1952. At 90 years-old, Everett and his wife Marie are still active on the farm operating a small cattle herd. Today, three generations run the 19,000 acre operation that spans six Northern Indiana counties. Kris has four siblings, two […]

Minnesota Farmer, Myron Sylling, On Reducing Soil Erosion

Myron has always loved technology and crunching numbers, “When GPS equipment first came out on ag equipment in 1997 we got it for our operation, so we have yield data dating back twenty-two years.” He went to technical school for computer programing and worked in town for twenty years, while helping his dad and brother […]

Preventing Phytophthora Crown Rot In California Almond Orchard

The Challenge The incidence of Phytophthora Crown Rot has increased dramatically over the last five years in tree orchards across California. Lower quality soils are often at the highest risk, and once disease symptoms are visible, it spreads aggressively. When a large almond producer came to Trace Genomics to test their orchard the objective was […]

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