“The Plant Destroyer”: Taking Fear Out of the Equation

June 8, 2021

The name Phytophthora literally means “plant destroyer” and certain species of the pathogen wreak havoc on almond trees in California.    “Phytophthora root and crown rot are extremely widespread in California,” said Maxwell Norton, retired University of California Cooperative Extension agriculture advisor and one of very few who specializes in tree fruit production. “Phytophthora causes disease in orchards globally. What makes it difficult […]


Trace Puts My Customers in a Position to Succeed

May 25, 2021

When agronomist Jared Jessen told his customers there was a better way to soil sample, he got some strange reactions.  “They looked at me a little cross-eyed,” admitted Jessen, CHS agronomy sales manager for the Wausa and Dixon, Neb., offices. CHS is the nation’s leading agribusiness cooperative. “Their response was, ‘How can there be anything new to soil sampling? Nothing has changed in 30 years.’”     But then he told them about the […]


Big Progress = Fast, Robust Results at Ames Innovation Center

May 20, 2021

Agronomists rely on accurate, timely soil intelligence when making recommendations that impact yield and bottom line for their customers. To that end, the Trace Genomics Ames Innovation Center and its team of unparalleled experts has made big progress in reducing turnaround times so agronomists can put Trace Genomics’ unmatched soil DNA capabilities and other diagnostics […]


Ag Biotech Engineer, Fraley Joins Board of Directors

April 13, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Monica Knickerbocker, monica@tracegenomics.com, (303) 638-0514  Ag Biotech Pioneer Fraley Joins Trace Genomics Board      REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Tues., April 13, 2021 – Trace Genomics announces the appointment of Dr. Robert (Robb) Fraley to its board of directors. Dr. Fraley, who served for nearly 40 years as chief technology officer at […]


New Bacterial Diversity Indicator Enables Deeper Insights 

March 30, 2021

 Farmers and agronomists now have new insight into the bacterial life present in their soil. The release of Trace Genomics’ Bacterial Diversity indicator is a delivery on the promise of continued learning from each sample. The new indicator enables a better picture of what’s happening to the bacterial portion of the soil microbiome. Just as […]


Iowa Farmer, Jerry Dove, On Measuring What’s In The Soil

March 1, 2021

Grower and agronomist Jerry Dove's interest in science and technology first developed while earning his bachelor's degree in Agronomy at Iowa State University. "I was always thinking about what’s going on below the surface,” says Jerry. After completing his degree in 1982, he returned to his family’s centennial farm in Janesville, Iowa. They primarily grow corn and soybeans and also grow alfalfa and cereal rye.


Soil Intelligence Helps Farmers on the Front Lines of Soil Health

February 9, 2021

As the original stewards of the land, farmers are on the front lines of one of the least understood and untapped frontiers of combating climate change – the soil. Because of soil’s massive potential to store carbon and its foundational role in growing our food and fostering biodiversity (there is more biodiversity below ground than above ground), soil presents an opportunity for farming to positively impact climate change, biodiversity and […]


Soil Health: We Can Do More

January 26, 2021

One of the greatest challenges we face in the world today is being responsible stewards of our natural resources – our air, water and soil – while at the same time producing the food needed for a growing global population. While we’ve made great strides to protect and improve our air and water, we can do more to protect the earth beneath our feet.   […]


The Ames Innovation Center: New Lab on Cutting Edge of Soil Science

January 11, 2021

California-based Trace Genomics has put down Midwestern roots with its new, state-of-the-art laboratory in Ames, Iowa. John Jansen, Vice President of Commercial Operations, shares his insights on the significance of the innovative technology, top-notch team and the lab’s central location. Having been involved in new agriculture technologies for the past two decades, Jansen is excited […]


A Day In The Life: Trace’s Lab

March 9, 2020

Researchers, scientists, inventory managers, progress trackers, communicators…life in Trace’s lab involves wearing many hats. Our founders, Diane and Poornima, met in a Stanford University laboratory and today Trace’s lab plays a vital role in internal operations. It’s a role we take very seriously because it is the first touch point of our customers’ soil once […]


Quantifying SDS In Soybeans To Prevent Impact On Yield

December 30, 2019

“It’s exciting to be on the ground floor working with Trace,” says Michael Dunn, a Precision Agronomist at Anez Consulting, LLC. Michael started his career in horticulture in Northern California before moving to Minnesota to work with broad acre crops, where he has worked out of Anez Consulting’s head branch in Little Falls for the […]


Soil At Work Recap: Our Row Crop Tour Of The Midwest And Arkansas

September 12, 2019

During the month of August, we traveled to five states and hosted seven sessions for our 2019 Soil At Work tour. We kicked off the two-hour workshop with a welcome by our hosts. Watch the video below to see Zach Johnson, the Millennial Farmer, talk about what he’s most excited for in the workshop.


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