We are driven to improve the planet’s soil.

One-fifth of the earth’s surface is cultivable for food, fiber and green energy production, yet 67% of that land has been degraded by intensive farming practices. We now have the data that shows how many past practices have endangered not only the soil, but the environment.

The benefit of better understanding our soil and improving its health yields tremendous human, environmental, and economic gains. Healthy soil is the foundation of a prosperous and thriving planet.

When growers cultivate and sustain their soil, we all benefit. We enjoy more nutritious food with less impact on our precious natural resources while ensuring an abundant food supply for our world.

It’s time that we advance agriculture to be the leading solution to climate change.

Together with agronomists and their growers, we plan to restore the planet’s soil while improving the profitability and resiliency of farms for generations to come.

Our mission moves agriculture forward.

Trace Genomics is creating actionable insights by integrating the latest advancements in soil science, genomics and machine learning to advance agriculture.


A shared passion for pathology and genetics brought Diane Wu and Poornima Parameswaran together in a Stanford University laboratory in 2009. The lab was that of Nobel laureate, Dr. Andrew Fire, whose work in genetics is referenced in scientific circles around the world.

Diane and Poornima’s childhoods were both shaped by food and agriculture. Diane’s grandfather was a third-generation produce farmer and Poornima’s uncle owned the local fishery. They witnessed firsthand how much risk these jobs entailed and the toll it took on their families every season. Motivated to ensure an abundant food supply for generations to come, Diane and Poornima founded Trace Genomics. After countless hours of rigorous testing and validation in the laboratory and the field, Diane and Poornima brought their technology to market. Innovators at heart, Diane and Poornima are building a company with strong values and a clear purpose while giving the agriculture community something they have never had before: the ability to drive return on investment on their most vital capital asset一the living soil. To further expand their reach, they brought on agriculture industry veteran Dan Vradenburg as Chief Executive Officer. Having spent more than 35 years in agribusiness, Dan shares Diane and Poornima’s deep passion for harnessing the power of the soil to improve agriculture.

Meet Our Leaders

Values are at the center of our business

Having worked with hundreds of growers, we deeply understand and care about their daily needs, challenges and motivations. We help the agriculture community make impactful decisions. We all rise together when we serve the entire ecosystem with valuable data at the center of our offering.

We maintain an unwavering commitment to scientific rigor, integrity and process because it’s the only way to understand the mysteries of the soil. As the first to connect the disciplines of soil science, genomics and machine learning, we go where the data leads us. The future of agriculture depends on it.

We bring imagination and inventiveness to problem-solving. We don’t limit ourselves with traditional or binary thinking. We discover linkages between the known and unknown. And we create an atmosphere that’s conducive to aha moments.

We view diversity and inclusion as a strategic advantage. That’s why we are building a highly diverse team that is unified by a common goal and grounded in a spirit of trust and collaboration. This belief is expressed in humility and curiosity and an endless desire to learn from our customers and partners. We will win when we work together.

We’re passionate about the potential for soil to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. We are not afraid to dream big, work hard and take risks, working to build the best soils for our future generations. We make bold decisions, take calculated risks and show resilience. We extend our advantage every day.

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