Biological Trials

Product Impact, Tested

Trace Genomics has partnered with several leading biological product companies to fully characterize the impact of their products on the soil microbiome and plant performance.

As a result, these companies have access to our industry-leading soil microbiome analytics engine (TESS™), letting them gauge product effectiveness, troubleshoot issues and fast-track marketing proof points to ensure customer satisfaction and commercial success.

TESS provides a comprehensive soil biology, chemistry, and physical analysis and delivers data in a scalable, commercial-ready format—giving customers a quantitative analytical assessment of soil at scale, cost and speed. This allows them to evaluate alternatives to existing production practices with an emphasis on microbial discovery, carbon and sustainable and regenerative farming.

We perform field trials on these products and also test with customized protocols in our controlled greenhouse environment using field soils collected from various regions to expedite the product characterization.