As an agronomist or PCA, you know that making the best recommendations means having the best tools in your tool box. That’s why today’s top agronomists are working with Trace Genomics to measure what’s below the surface and provide unparalleled recommendations to their growers.

As a grower you want your agronomist or PCA to provide you with the best recommendations so you can grow healthy, profitable crops.

Trace works with agronomists and their growers to:

  • Help growers optimize time and money.
    The soil microbiome is a key driver in planting and management decisions. With Trace, you have the ability to identify and measure the pathogen populations in the soil, allowing you to quantify the risk of disease and take the appropriate management action.
  • Solve the unsolvable mysteries in the grower’s fields.
    Trace’s technology measures soil microbes responsible for nutrient cycling functions, soil pathogens and soil chemistry to provide you with a never before seen analysis of the soil. Our platform gives you answers to your most pressing questions in regards to soil productivity, pathogen pressure and soil health.
  • Leverage Trace’s soil experts to make actionable recommendations.
    Work one-on-one with our expert Agronomic Support Team to integrate other important data layers, interpret insights and generate custom reports so your growers can take action on their fields.
“Trace has quantifiable measurements of the pathogens and beneficial microorganisms in the soil. It’s a game-changer."
Matthew Schweigert

Owner, Schweigert Family Farms


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Potato Operation Grapples With Devastating Yield Loss As A Result Of Disease
The Challenge: A large potato grower had experienced yield losses of up to 15% and was struggling to manage multiple disease symptoms that continued to surface. When he approached Trace Genomics, he hoped to get confirmation of where the disease was present in his fields and the steps he could take to prevent yield loss while mitigating disease across his operation.
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Quantifying SDS In Soybeans To Prevent Impact On Yield
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