Establish your business as a leader in soil analysis, box out competition by arming your agronomists with the best soil insights on the market, and streamline the development of new products with the support of our expert research and development team.

  • Grow your customer base: Utilize innovative technology to deliver new value to your customers with Trace’s results and recommendations.
  • Expand your biological products portfolio: Use Trace’s advanced soil microbiology and chemistry analysis, expert agronomy support and data science to support R&D teams in the development of biological products.
  • Make your agronomists below ground experts.
    Equip your agronomists with Trace’s insights to gain deep knowledge of their growers’ fields and bring more context to their recommendations.


Wilbur-Ellis Company

“Partnering with Trace allows us to offer more to the grower.”

-Doug Grott, Director of Business Development
Ingleby Farms & Forests

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-Nick Canta, Title Here
Lawrence Group

“We want to tap into what’s going on in the soil and how we can strengthen and impact that.”

-Tim Woods, Vice President

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