Your agronomist is a key component to running a healthier, more productive farm. At Trace, we work with your agronomist to produce insights from soil biology, soil chemistry, and machine learning, so they can provide you with expert recommendations generated from the best soil analysis available.

  • Save and earn more money: Trace combines soil biology and chemistry data to produce actionable recommendations that help you optimize inputs, reduce yield loss from pathogen pressure, and integrate soil health practices into your management decisions.
  • Get better agronomic recommendations: Trace’s platform makes it easy for agronomists to gain deep insights about your fields and create custom reports that bring more context to their recommendations.
  • Get answers to your unsolvable questions: Trace’s platform integrates your yield and other data layers with soil analysis and machine learning, giving you unparalleled insights about your fields and providing you with the full picture of what’s happening on your farm.
“With Trace’s insights, I was able to make a more informed decision and better weigh the risks.”
Bartt Ries

Ranch Manager at Vessey & Company


Vessey & Company Puts Technology To Work To Produce Healthy Lettuce
Vessey and Company operates as a grower, packer, shipper that grows both organically and conventionally. The majority of the 12,000 acres under management are devoted to spinach, spring mix, romaine, broccoli, cauliflower, iceberg and leaf lettuce. In order to mitigate some of the risks associated with farming, Vessey & Company has about ten joint venture […]
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JV Farms Organic

JV Farms Organic Identifies Diseases and Saves Money, Fuel and Time

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Preventing Phytophthora Crown Rot In California Almond Orchard
The Challenge The incidence of Phytophthora Crown Rot has increased dramatically over the last five years in tree orchards across California. Lower quality soils are often at the highest risk, and once disease symptoms are visible, it spreads aggressively. When a large almond producer came to Trace Genomics to test their orchard the objective was […]
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