Providing unmatched soil analysis with industry-leading metagenomics sequencing.Biology and Chemistry Insights.Activated.
Quantifying regenerative farming practices with true Sustainable Soil Performance (SSP) ratings.Sustainability management.Activated.
Identifying optimal product placement and higher win rate opportunities.Next-gen product development.Activated.

Precision Soil Insights. Activated.

At Trace Genomics, we know how to decode all of your soil’s insights. Where most companies deliver a partial picture, we provide a comprehensive and precise understanding of the soil’s composition—analyzing the soil’s biology, physical properties and chemistry. With our advanced genomics, unmatched data, and built-in product solutions, we know how to translate data into insights and action so that you can maximize your results.

Data-Backed Agronomy Solutions

Our unparalleled soil DNA diagnostics allow you to make better management decisions.

We use data-backed, science-based metrics to quantify soil wellness, helping you better understand the soil microbes responsible for nutrient cycling functions and soil pathogens to help you optimize soil biology performance and fertilizer use efficiency.

Sustainable Soil Performance

We help customers draw insights into the health of their soil system and gain a better understanding of how to manage their food production regeneratively.

Our exclusive Sustainable Soil Performance Rating (SSP) lets agricultural producers track the impact of management practices and cropping cycles on the soil microbiome and other soil physicochemical parameters that are pivotal in supporting the performance of cropping systems in a sustainable manner.

Next-Gen Innovation

We take the guesswork out of product development.

We help ag product companies understand how biologicals work and make smarter decisions on where and what to plant. By analyzing and improving the nutrient cycling process and soil conditions, we open the door to more efficient and more sustainable growing conditions, as well as help product companies increase their products’ win rates.

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We are fortunate to work alongside a tremendous group of customers and partners.

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We’ve received many awards and certifications recognizing our achievements and qualifications.

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