Soil Performance. Optimized.

It’s time that farmers, agronomists, and ag retailers had the tools they needed to make better management decisions. It’s time they received information they could trust, along with a deeper understanding of the biological components of their soil.

At Trace Genomics, we start our diagnostic process by digitizing biological data and decoding it into easy-to-understand information. We then combine biology with traditional soil chemistry, physical properties, and carbon analysis to provide a detailed and holistic picture of the soil environment, including the microorganisms, nutrients and pathogens present.

Metagenomics is at the heart of our soil analysis—sequencing all the DNA in a soil sample to identify microbes and not just a small fingerprint gene. Learn about metagenomics.

Traditionally, metagenomic sequencing has been cost-prohibitive for practical applications. Our breakthrough techniques dramatically reduce the sequencing costs and the time it takes to deliver them. The result is a process that’s faster, more affordable and more comprehensive than ever before.

Take Action With Diagnostics


Our most comprehensive product, combining multiple tools to help you drive soil management decisions in 7 key areas.


Our soil chemistry analysis includes a comprehensive panel of tests to provide information on soil fertility.


Available in different packages, TraceCARBON provides measurements of total organic carbon, POXC active carbon, and bulk density.