Year-Round Insights.
Real-World Results.

TraceCOMPLETE is the complete package—combining the functionality and insights of our most popular and powerful soil biology and chemistry tools into one comprehensive solution. As a result, you can make smarter decisions about pathogen, fertility and soil management that can help maximize yield, improve sustainability, reduce risk, increase revenues and more.

A Total Solution for Understanding and Managing Soil Health

In just one soil test you get insights covering more than 70 crops and more than 225+ pathogens. TraceCOMPLETE pairs unmatched soil analysis with hi-definition genomic sequencing to deliver an unrivaled collection of pathogen and nutrient insights. It can drive agronomic action in your most critical decision areas to help you make meaningful management decisions.

Decision and
Action Guide

An example plan based on TraceCOMPLETE insights.

TraceCOMPLETE insights drive the timeline for decision-making and field actions. This timeline shows a spring-seeded crop; plans can also be adjusted for winter-seeded crops.

TraceCOMPLETE Provides Critical Reports To Optimize Your Soil Management

Pathogen Management

Get a comprehensive analysis of your soil, covering more than 70 crops and more than 225 pathogens, so you can make better seed selection and treatment decisions.

Seed Solutions

Receive recommendations for seed selection and treatment depending on your soil’s pathogen abundance and chemistry.

Phosphorus Management

Identify areas where your crop would benefit from a biofertilizer or a phosphorus-liberating agent, and determine whether you should build soil phosphorus levels or re-allocate your input resources.

Nitrogen Management

Determine where a nitrogen stabilizer or biofertilizer is most desirable based on our unique nitrogen biological indicators.