Dylan Tacke

We’ve been fighting a lot with white mold and Goss’s. With Trace, we can test for both of those in the soil. That really helps us out to know which hybrid and seed variety should go on certain farms and acres. Also, the phosphorus mineralization and phosphorus solubilization tests take the guessing out of knowing what products to use.”

Trev Nelson

Trace Genomics is the future of soil testing. There’s no better data source than what Trace brings to the table right now. We have to be proactive in how we approach our crops and learn from the crop. We have to understand where we want to be in 15 years and the variables to create better opportunity for the growers. With Trace Genomics and all the data they bring to the table, we have a much better idea of what’s going on in the soil.”

Brennan Miller

Especially in the world of precision agriculture, the technology at Trace Genomics is really advanced. It’s always improving. It gives more opportunity for growers to know what’s changing, pushing production and making them better for the greater good of their operations.”

Jared Jessen

Through the identification markers and the algorithms Trace has developed, we’ve been able to identify which fields will be the highest responders with which products. This allows us to say to the grower, ‘From the soil, these are the products that will make you more successful.’ It gives the grower and us a new way to place products that we know will get the biggest return on their investment.”

Justin Knott

Trace’s technology is advancing our agronomy analytics, giving us new information to dial in fertility rates for increased farm profitability as well as placing biologicals where they are likely to pay off. The pathology data is helping us with varietal and seed treatment placement, setting us up for success in the field.”

Robb Fraley

Trace Genomics is unmatched in understanding soil biology, the living microorganisms beneath our feet, to produce crops more sustainably and advance our knowledge of the soil environment.”