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Trace Genomics and Arthur Companies Announce Commercial Engagement Targeting Sustainable Phosphorous Management

After a successful 2020-21 pilot, Trace Genomics Arthur Companies enter into a commercial agreement to bring data-backed sustainable soil fertility solutions

After two successful years of partnership, Trace Genomics and Arthur Companies are scaling up data-backed sustainable soil management in agriculture.

Arthur Companies is a grain and agronomy company that was founded in 1906 as a family business and remains as such. Part of its mission includes being environmentally responsible and incorporating new technologies and sustainability practices that support that goal. They connected with Trace Genomics to help meet this goal by incorporating biological data into soil fertility management.

“Trace Genomics is at the forefront of the next-gen science in the soil biology space,” says Justin Knott, director of agronomy at Arthur Companies. “Their technology is changing agriculture by changing what we do in the field.”

Arthur has been leading the application of Trace Genomics’ newest solution TracePHOS™. Incorporating both chemical phosphorus saturation data and biological data from soil microorganisms, TracePHOS provides growers with a holistic understanding of chemical and biological factors that directly impact phosphorus in the soil, allowing them to better manage soil fertility. A recent case study from the 2021 growing season demonstrated that by optimizing phosphorus fertilizer applications, Arthur growers had a 665% ROI. In addition to the economic benefits, optimal phosphorus management also yields environmental benefits by preventing hazardous runoff of excess fertilizer.

“At Trace Genomics, our goal is to improve soil management practices by adding in information that farmers haven’t had access to in the past – soil DNA,” says Pat Dumstorff, Director of Product. We highly value the continued engagement with Arthur, and we look forward to supporting their success and that of their growers with our offerings such as TracePHOS.”

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About Trace Genomics
Trace Genomics is an alive science company that sequences DNA in the soil, creating the most comprehensive microbiome database to advance food and energy production. Trace Genomics has won several awards, including being selected as a 2020 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Winner of FoodShot Global’s Innovating Soil 3.0 Challenge, Forbes Top 25 Most Innovative AgTech, THRIVE Top 50 AgTech, 2022 Global Cleantech top 100 start-ups and many more.

About Arthur Companies
The Arthur Companies is a diversified agriculture business headquartered in Arthur, North Dakota with locations in Anamoose, Ayr, Carrington, Harvey, Page and Pillsbury, as well as 8 new locations in Idaho. The company, founded in 1906, is privately-owned with businesses in grain operations, agronomy services, and retail sales of seed, fertilizer, and chemicals. The Arthur Companies also operates a wholesale fertilizer, birdseed, and proprietary trading business. The company is partnered in a premium ingredient business, Anchor Ingredients, with locations in Hillsboro, Buffalo, and Beach in North Dakota and Culbertson, Montana. The Arthur Companies exhibits a proud tradition of customer service excellence and a focus on prioritizing the business decisions that matter most to their customers while enabling exceptional leadership at all levels of the organization.