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Introducing the New Seed Solution Guide from Trace Genomics

We’ve taken the guesswork out of seed and seed treatment selection with the ultimate agronomic tool. Our new Seed Solution Guide pairs unmatched soil analysis with hi-definition genomic sequencing to provide accurate, actionable information about relevant pathogen levels and key chemistry parameters in your fields.

With the Trace Seed Solution Guide, You Can:

Make Smarter Decisions
With easy-to-understand, customized data, you can make informed recommendations and decisions about seed selection, seed treatment and disease management based on your field’s specific pathogen levels and chemical characteristics.

Customize Crops
The Seed Solution Guide is the first configurable report from Trace Genomics. You can choose up to 6 crop types from more than 70 options—the default crops are corn and soybeans, but you can go beyond those to include all of the relevant crops for your operation.

Call It What You Like
Providing insights on permanent crops or others where seed selection might not be the main goal? Agronomists can customize the report name based on their growers’ needs.

If you’re a current Trace user, you can edit your report settings (including the name and the crop selections) by logging into your account. Hover over your initials in the bottom left corner of the window, then select “Profile,” then select “Report Configurations.”

Leverage the Power of TESS™

TESS™ (Trace Environmental Soil System) is our exclusive soil microbiome analytics engine that provides hi-definition DNA sequencing of the soil microbiome. This includes a detailed assessment of over 172 pathogens covering more than 70 crop types. Our national and regional benchmarks provide context to enable meaningful interpretation of the pathogen levels in your fields.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re already a Trace user, the Seed Solution Guide is available in your account now! For new orders, the Seed Solution Guide report PDF is emailed to the Trace account user as soon as results are available. The reports are always available in TraceVIEW on the Orders page. The advanced TESS platform enables continuous delivery of new insights, so the Seed Solution Guide is available not only for new samples but also for all historical orders. Check out your account to have a look.

If you’re new to Trace, just create your Trace Genomics account and someone from our team will be in touch to walk you through the next steps. Once you send us your soil samples and we perform our analysis, your personalized Seed Solution Guide report will be emailed to you, and it’s always available in your account.

It’s Time to Activate the Science of Soil in a New Way

Healthy soil delivers better harvests and drives a more sustainable planet. To maximize those results, you need the ideal blend of microorganisms that promote growth while avoiding dangerous pathogens that can impair it, and you need to choose the hybrids and treatments with the best chance for success.

The Seed Solution Guide is the only place to get a combined chemistry and pathogen assessment at the field level, configured to address your most important crops and delivered automatically to your inbox. If you have questions, simply contact us so we can help you get started!