TraceCOMPLETE 2024 Summer Starter Package

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See TraceCOMPLETE in action with our exclusive offer for new ag retail customers.

We are so convinced your grower customers will love TraceCOMPLETE that we’re providing you with trial soil samples* to share with them this summer. We’ll cover shipping and analytical costs; you bring a new tool to your growers to support impactful product recommendations that improve profits, reduce risk, and boost productivity.

How Our 2024 Summer Starter Package Works

  1. We’ll provide you with TraceCOMPLETE samples to unlock the power of our soil biology data in fields of your choice.
  2. Our agronomy team will show you how your TraceCOMPLETE data can be used to improve pathogen, fertility, and soil management.
  3. You use the reports included with TraceCOMPLETE to boost grower confidence in product placement recommendations.
  4. You lock in exclusive pricing benefits for additional samples taken in 2024.

*For qualifying new ag retail customers. Contact us for details.

Learn about the Summer Starter Package and reap the rewards.

Agronomy Insights. Activated.

In just one soil test, you get insights covering 70+ crops and 225+ pathogens. TraceCOMPLETE pairs unmatched soil analysis with hi-definition genomic sequencing to deliver insights that drive action and product placement for seed selection, seed treatment, in-season disease management, nutrient management, and biologicals.