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Ward Laboratories, Inc. Selects Trace Genomics as Strategic Partner

Ward Laboratories, Inc. expands test offerings to provide unmatched biological insights through Trace Genomics

Ward Laboratories, Inc. (Ward) adds industry-leading soil microbiome testing to their robust agricultural testing product offerings, allowing customers to access previously hidden insights on disease risk, nutrient mobilization, and biodiversity in their soil. Ward is pleased to offer this analysis through a strategic partnership with Trace Genomics, a leader in the soil biology and soil health space. Customers will now have access to Trace Genomics’ Next-Gen sequencing capabilities and data analysis engine to support and amplify Ward’s already powerful agricultural testing offerings.

Ward is a leader in agricultural analysis, committed to being the most trusted and proven laboratory resource to guide food producers around the world. Expanding offerings for Ward’s customers and supporting that commitment, Trace Genomics is leveraging its unparalleled soil DNA diagnostics to amplify Ward’s total impact. Through this partnership, Ward’s agronomic customers in regions all over the world can make better management decisions by understanding soil microbes responsible for nutrient cycling functions and soil pathogens.

Ward customers now have access to Trace Genomics’ nutrient cycling and soil health indicators. Trace Genomics’ use of Whole Genome Sequencing, combined with their cutting-edge data analysis engine, is unique in agriculture and enables the most complete and detailed assessment of the soil’s capacity to cycle essential plant nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

Measures of microbial biodiversity and oxygen availability also serve as important components in assessing the overall health of the soil. Ward’s customers can now leverage the detailed knowledge of the levels and locations of >170 pathogens covering 70+ crop species to clearly understand the pathogen pressures on their operation.

“Partnering with the Trace team gives our customers an advantage by providing the most comprehensive suite of tests available for managing and measuring soil health,” Dr. Nick Ward, President, Ward Laboratories, Inc.

“The Trace team is excited to be selected as the optimal partner for the addition of advanced DNA sequencing of the soil to the Ward Labs wide range of diagnostics,” comments Steve Dietze, VP of Strategic Operations at Trace Genomics. “We look forward to further supporting Ward’s commitment to aim beyond the status quo and provide cutting edge technology, processes, and services to their current and future customers. This partnership marks a strategic and significant step in combining and expanding technology advancements in food production and regenerative ag.”

For more information, to order a biological test package and to learn more about the impact of Whole Genome Sequencing in microbiome testing, visit sample/soil-health-analysis/.